My Trip to the Ghirardelli Factory

The metro only went to the Begining of Embarcardo so we still had to walk two miles, to where you might ask, to Ghirardelli Square of course. When we got there we saw one Ghirardelli shop right by the entrance but we (By we I mean my mom, brother, and I) decided to see if there was another one. We walked another 3oo feet and saw one so we decided to go to this one.

Inside we got a free sample of a new flavor, and then we saw that the front had loads of stands filled with  chocolates, and behind that was cashier and a lot of tables. There was ice cream so my mom decided to get chocolate, my brother got chocolate chip, and a got a sundae.

When we

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Lake Tahoe

I sat in the back of the car, next to my brother who was tapping away on his I-pad, staring at the small screen on my amazon fire phone watching youtube and hearing Connor Franta on my heaphones as we drove on towards Lake Tahoe.

“Look there’s snow” exclaimed my mom, I looked out of the window and saw pine trees covered with snow, and banks of snow taller than me alongside the road. After a few minutes of looking outside I once again watched videos on my phone.

When we finnaly reached Lake Tahoe, we were starving so we went to a pizza place called Jiffy’s pizza but the ovens hadn’t started yet so we headed off to Subway. When we reached the Subway we saw it was tiny and had

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My trip to Jamshedpur

In case you don’t know where Jamshedpur is then here is a brief intro: Jamshedur is a town that is also known as Tata-Nagar and was founded by Jamsedji Tata who is the founder of the Tata steel company, this used to be a usual steel company but now they make cars, airplanes, chemicals, hotels and phones. Jamshedpur is the town where parents grew up and in case you still haven’t realized its in India.

My grandparents from my mom’s side of the family used to have a piece of land and a huge house with 44 rooms but then they destroyed it and built an apartment complex and they have a room, on my dad’s side of the family my gradndpa has a 3 story house plus a roof that you

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Graduation Day

“Armaan, wake up”, said my little brother Eshaan, I tried ignoring him but he wouldn’t leave so I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and saw the clock; 6:03 it read.

“Oh, Happy Birthday” I said, “And what time did you wake up” I added. looking at his excited, little face.

“4:37, but you have to wake up now” he said, pulling on my arm in hope of getting me out of bed.

“NO, I don’t want to” I said, closing my eyes and pushed him off of the bed.

“I have donuts downstairs” he responded, which knocked all thought of sleep out of my head.

“Fine, I’m coming” I responded as I walked to brush my teeth.

1 Hour Later

I quickly tied my Nike Airmax Stutter Step Hightops before I stepped out the door,

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5th Grade and My Take On Middle School

I think 5th Grade was pretty exciting, but there were some good parts and same bad parts. Here are some of the good parts;

Fieldtrips– there were a lot of field trips which were amazing there was Camp Arroyo, DVHS Science Day, Little Hils, and the Marine Science Institute (MSI).

PE– PE was awesome because we played a lot of games, and even the fitness test was easier and more fun than tests in other subjects.

So here are some of the bad parts of last school year:

Writing– this is one of the hardest subjects I had last year.

Reports– my class had a whole lot of state reports and my teacher would always be like “this is due in 2 weeks” and I’ll forget and remember the last day.

Test– there is always some

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Summer Vacation 2012

I went on a trip to Chicago to meet my cousins .I went to the Willis [sears] Tower in Chicago. It’s 110 stories tall,the only way to get to the top is by elevator,the elevator goes 40 Miles per hour.  There’s something called skydeck which is a glass ledge attached to the building,from the ledge you can see most of Chicago.  Skydeck is on the 103rd floor. You can see Willis tower from Michigan,Illinois,Indiana,and Wiconsin. It’s the tallest building in the U.S.A.

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Awesome Weekend

My weekend and was eventful and  I had lot of fun.I went to Big Bear.Me and my brother Eshaan had a snow ball fight.I went on a ski-lift and I went on Alpine ride, I loved that ride, went on it 5 times. We did snow tubing, The vacation home we stayed in was very good, Me, Riya and Eshaan had a blast, we went acorn hunting, played with shovel. We had a huge room to ourselves which had bunk beds and it was so much fun.

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Odessy of the Mind tournament

I had a Odessey of the Mind tournament. It was at Mira Costa High school, Manhattan Beach. My teams problem was Hide and Peek, The story was about a evil wizard that turned everyone into slaves and was killed by a good wizard (me). My part was to reveal the surprise objects from 5, 8 and 10 feet away. My friend David played the role of evil wizard, he is really good in acting. Shreya, Shresta, Casey and Adalia played the role of villagers who were turned into slaves by the evil wizard.Anushka was the narrator. Our show was fun.

Our team also won a medal. Over there I

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Hello I am back

Sorry all I was busy. I had second grade work and odessey of the mind. We do a lot of sponts.I love to do odessey. We are going to participate in a regional tournament on march 3 2012.In my team I have me,Casey,Shreya,Shresta,Adalia,and Anushka. You know something my mom is the coach for our odessey team.
My new favorite series is Harry Potter.I am reading Half Blood Prince now.I already read five i’m on my sixth.I like science we do a lot of science in school.Also I am a yellow belt in karate.

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My field trip to Chumash Interpretive Centre

In sunday Me, mom and my brother Eshaan went Chumash for a field trip we took a trail that headed to the village when we were walking I heard the birds chirping and air planes passing by,I thought it was Air Force One mumma told me it was some other passenger plane. then we walked some more it was very dense and quiet and little scary. we saw 12 squirrels, and 6 deers their whole family 2 black beetles we also saw teepees in witch Indins lived in long time back we had fun I also so a sign that said caution rattle snakes.when I read that Eshaan got sacred and was telling mumma to pick him up.

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